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Lions tour of New Zealand 1993

The Bern wandering Years ......
.................are the travel diaries of Bernard O’Brien documenting the wanderings of a rugby mad Welsh teacher from June 88 to June 95. An eventful time in world history with the Tiananmen Square massacre, the fall of the Berlin wall, The San Fransisco earthquake and the release of Nelson Mandela from prison. It documents the Lions tours of 89 in Australia and 93 in New Zealand and the World cup in South Africa in 95 –presented by the great man.

I am typing them up – not in order..... But when I have the time... Hopefully I won’t offend or embarrass too many people ... it’s just what I felt at the time
USA – Summer Camp,
Old Gayts Canadian tour,
Hitching across USA Canada

Book 2
swimming teaching
factory work
lions tor 89
Book 4 October 4th 1989 – July 12th 1990
New Zealand U2 Commonwealth games
USA – mainland St Patricks day t shirts
France Gunnersbury water sports trip
Italy Football world cup

Book 6
Book 7

New Zealand
Book 9 January 8 1993- 1 August 1993


Tuesday 20th April 6.15am Sydney Airport

Off to Auckland now – hopefully to make my killing – it won’t be for lack of trying. I spent yesterday running around. Did some editing in the morning then went to Randwick and picked up a cracking pair of hiking boots – really nice. I then went to Bondi with Gwynfor. Amazingly my ticket wasn’t there. I hung about for an hour then I went to see Andy Lucas. I will see him again in Cardiff.

I finally picked up my tickets in Bondi. I couldn’t get in touch with J+F because they never left a forwarding address + City Extra were totally useless. I went for an all you can eat Italian – in the evening had a quiet night in.

Sunday night at the Mercantile was a cracker – went to the Hero of Waterloo as well – got a bit of it on tape.

6.45 am  Pat would crucify me. All the artwork I had was left at the counter so I had to run back through customs for them !!

So – aims for New Zealand. Basically I have got to do well. I am confident (as always) but I realize that the competition might absolutely crucify me on price.  This week when I establish the price will be as important as actually selling the shirts. I want a price of $6 a shirt, I will easily go up to $7 and reluctant to rise to $8. I also want a price of $1 for printing. I have got about $2,000 to play with. I want to make $10k which will mean I will be able to fly home for the wedding, pick up Caroline and fly back. – no Asia $10K is the minimum if I fly back. $20K will mean going through Asia with Plucky (what a dream). Anything over $20k would be great. I want to leave anything over $30k in Oz so that I can get a Kombi. I have got to aim high. So far Bill and Rob and Gwyn are in defo. It should be a great laugh – I am really looking forward to it.

Money matters I have got $700 Australian with a chance of $400 being sent out by Sharon from shirts. In Access I have £2,000 - £200 available.

11pm Ivanhoe Lodge   A bit iffy about the place – I may have a look at a few others. 3 girls in the dorm. One very strange and unfriendly and snoring loudly. Weather is definitely colder and I am very tired. I phoned Caroline and she said I sounded down, I am not, just tired. $20 lasted no time. I did a shop and got myself a bank account. Shirt tails – the company I was with last time doesn’t exist anymore which is a big fly in the ointment. I had hoped to be with them. Tomorrow I will visit a few and sort out prices etc. Hopefully I can start it all up. Auckland are playing W. Samoa on Saturday which will be a cracker. I will try and phone Graham tomorrow for advice on prices. I hate the girl who is snoring – I hate dorms.

Wednesday 21st April 9pm

Up at ½ 9 and showered + had a coffee. I posted my letter to Caroline and walked for miles but they didn’t exist. I went to my first place and will not get the price I wanted. The first place gave me a printing quote of $3 but + GST so that would be $3.45. He has given me an address of  T Shirt place that I can get plain whites at $7.36 which gives a shirt price of $10.81 that is better than Graham’s U2 price of  $12 but still too high for me. I want to give them to the boys at bulk for $15 so my price has to be lower than $10.

I came back to the hostel for dinner – coffee again and two of the boys wanted a shirt so I sold them one each at $20 and gave them my talk. The “Chelsea Boy” – no names yet wants 10 for tomorrow as he has got 3 sold already, which is a real result for a start – get the buggers on the street while I am setting them up – hopefully they can earn easy money and come back for lots more.

In the afternoon I went to town then a bus to Mount Eden. Some old lady directed me the wrong way. I walked for miles and the heavens opened and I got drenched. I ended up buying a street directory so it won’t happen again. I found the place and Chris (ACI) was much more bendable on his printing costs. Looking at $2.40 for printing so that brings the price down to $9.76 which is better. I will spend tomorrow visiting another 1 or 2 printers then give them the art work to set it up and while they are doing that I will work on getting down the $7.36 for a blank shirt.

I got back and phoned home to tell them where I was, showered and had some grub. Wrote my letter to Caroline and now I am watching Prizzi’s Honour.

I tried to phone Bill but no answer – not that I expected it. I want Bill and Rob here asap – I wouldn’t have got drenched today with a car – also when the boys get here I will be able to move out of the dorm into a triple room.

Thursday 22nd April

 Up at gone 10. Annoyed with myself a bit but it’s fairly cold and I was snuggled into a warm sleeping bag. I got a bus to a T Shirt place. Ridiculous quote, but I did eye some fairly cheap shirts – not many, but a few. I came back and Scotty in the hostel took 10 off me for $150 which was a confidence boost.

I then went back to ACI and ordered the screens. I have now got to get the shirts. I will take them in on Tuesday and they will hopefully be ready on Friday. My job now is to get the shirts as cheap as possible.

A bit of fun in the hostel as the manager is getting funny about putting the heat on – it’s freezing – what a joke. If he patronizes me just once I will leave. Basically in this hostel Scotty and Chris (I think) can sell the odd shirt for me and I can move on.

On the sports front good news is that Rangers are out of the cup as they only drew. Good. Also Rob Jones is in the Lions as Armstrong is out. Personally I reckon Rupert Moon has had a better season.

Friday 23rd April

Slept in till ½ 12 because I went out late last night to Tappers with about 6 people from the hostel. I had a sauna earlier and was really alive. Sold a couple of Lions shirts and more importantly got a few contacts. The buggers will go well but the competition could kill me.

I was dying this morning (afternoon) I found out where the shirt manufactures were – in Glenfield which was miles away. I thought sod it, I will go Monday – I then gave myself a bollocking. I am here to work, not to go on the pop. If I didn’t go to Glenfield I couldn’t justify going out last night. I am really determined that for the sake of a few beers I am not going to blow it. I remember sleeping in till 1 during U2 because I went clubbing the night before. It’s ridiculous putting in so much money and going on the pop. I have got a real aim now anyway, so old Caroline can be my conscience. I will always remember that day in Oz when I made 2 grand and how much contempt I felt about the bloke who was on the pop from ½ 11 and sold 0. I will drink but I have got to be disciplined. I will hopefully have the car most of the time anyway so I can’t drink.

 I went to Poste Restante and had a letter from Caroline. Not just any letter but a really fantastic one saying how much she missed me – that’s defo mutual.

I had to wait 40 mins for the bus so I had a look around the Chinese market. A bit of a downer as I went in and showed this bloke my sample and he said that some bloke had phoned in that morning with Lions shirts – competition rearing its ugly head, It is the competition that could kill me.

I went to the factory and saw some gear- the prices were:

White $7.20 that means + $2.40 print = $9.60

Black $7.59                                         = $9.99

Grey  $7.84                                         = $10.24

Cheap white in med $4.50                  =$6.90


I have ordered 200 white, 100 black, 50 meds and 2 grey

That comes to $2440, I also priced sweats at $23.06 so I ordered 20 = $461.26.

I have to get out $2,900 on Monday and I will be in business. I have of course got printing costs then. I will charge an extra dollar for XL and take of a dollar for medium. Sweats are a tricky one. I am paying $25.46 for a printed sweat so I will sell to the boys at $40 to sell on at $60 – which is only £20.

I went back to the hostel and made myself a Thai curry and spent ¾ hour writing to my darling. I then went for a sauna for ½ hour which was lovely. A night in watching the rugby league.


Sunday 25th April Auckland beat Western Samoa in Super 10

Another late morning. I have no mega incentive to get up so simply I don’t because it’s fairly cold. Yesterday I went to see Auckland beat Western Samoa at Mt Smart. We sat on the hill. Before the game I went to see Scott and Huw in Auckland central – they are both in for shirts and Scott is prepared to stand in Queen St and sell them. We got on the shuttle bus and there were 3 public school boys doing their “world tour” before Uni – I had a word with them and they are going to take 50. Good lads. They will get rid of them easily because they are headed down to Queenstown. What a bargain. I actually ordered 50 more on the strength of that. If they let me down I will still use them.

I phoned Bill up in Christchurch and am not overjoyed with him. Basically I desperately need the car to kick things off here and also somewhere to store the shirts in. Bill is happy to stay in Christchurch because they have got free rent. I understand that but our aims are completely different.

I phoned Brent Scott to say I was around and he invited us all down which will be a laugh. – he said he hasn’t even got an address!!

At the rugby bar I took my flag and the bloke said to come in for an interview and he will get me in the paper as one of the first Lions supporters to arrive, - what a bargain. So, being modest I will pop in today and then wander over to the Vic market for the afternoon and see if I can get a contact or two there.

5pm went to the rugby bar – no interview. Those boys may not take 50 either – ii told them to let me know. I then went to the Victoria market and hopefully had a result. I have to see “Buster” tomorrow. His sister was talking in ‘00’s but I have heard it all before. I popped into Kitty O’Brien’s an Irish pub and they might take some.


Monday 24th April

Midday – went to the bank and took out $2,700 and $500 of my own money and paid for the shirts $2,800 and also $200 deposit on sweats. So it is all go now – I have got to go and see Chris at the printers about 4. I am off to see Buster now. Last night I went to the Auckland Irish club – really dead so I went to Kitty O’Brien’s – I knew quite a few people there which was nice. I tried to phone Plucky twice with no luck so I was a little disappointed in that. Gutted in fact. I can’t see me going to Tappers again. It will be either the rugby bar or Kitty’s.

Hopefully with seeing the artwork today they will be printed before Thursday and I can start.

9pm I am actually sitting in the sauna so I will write a few words before I start sweating. I did quite a lot today and spent quite a lot as well. I went to ACI and looked over the artwork. I am pleased with the way things are going but as soon as I get the shirts on Thursday I can really start. People are always so full of it before they part with their money. Those 3 lads disappeared. I am still hoping on Buster in the market but it is all talk until I see the cash. The black shirts will cost $4 to print, which is a fortune.

I phoned Caroline and had my little chat so I was pleased about that. Just think IF (fingers crossed) everything goes well in 3 months I will be with her – what a dream. I can’t get in touch with Bill – I phoned twice. I reckon that if he was here now he would be bored stiff. But, at the moment I have no mates – although I am working hard doing all the running around. If I ring him I hope to see him Friday, but in reality I would be happy if he is here a week today.

Tuesday 27th April

A real downer of a day. I’ve been soaked through and achieved less than very little. Up early, my shirts haven’t arrived at the printers so I had to chase that up. They were there by 12. I phoned Bill and he is in two minds whether to hitch up or to get a car in Christchurch and drive up. It will cost $140 to get over from S to N island.

I never left the hostel till ½ 10 because we were in the middle of a massive storm. I went walking around all morning and got absolutely no where. I went to the university and got nowhere. No rugby clubs on campus. Up to some pubs – nothing.

Being cynical: Yesterday I had a day where I felt I achieved something – everybody was very positive and I was going to make a fortune. Today – nobody wanted to know. What was the difference? – Easy – yesterday I was spending $4,000 and everyone was nice, but today I was trying to sell them. Nobody would even buy 10. Tomorrow I have got to get a present for mum and a card in the post. I am shattered.

9pm – Sauna time – a quick entry before I start to drip – Ii will be glad to sweat out a really awful day. I phoned Sydney and it looks like Fiona did take my bag which is important. It will be an excuse for her to see Caroline. My bag will actually be in the air as I write. I phoned Bill and he will probably get the car in Christchurch and drive it up. I would expect to see him I would say Sunday which would mean I would be off the ground by then. I hate t he waiting around. The boys in Sydney said that there were two letters from Plucky but they haven’t sent them. – I am starting to sweat a bit now.

Monday 28th April

I had my lie in till 11. I will be up early tomorrow as I have got to pick up my first consignment at last. I walked into town. Yesterday I felt quite stressed out. The rain didn’t help Today I had fairly low expectations so it went ok. I got mum a relaxation tape – I don’t know how she will take it. I had a card off mum wishing me all the best in NZ and two letters off Plucky (love her) so I had a great 20 minutes reading the mail from the women in my life. I met up with the two Cardiff girls from the hostel, Caroline and Vicky and had a wander around Auckland with them.

I had a monster of a curry in the evening. Nice to see the Street on the box – I have just had a sauna.

I have moved into my own room and will be joined by Bill and Rob hopefully on Sunday – they are looking at cars now.


Thursday 29th April

Sitting in a room of shirts. Very daunting. I have been to town to get rid of a bag full to different places. I have got $660 in cash, but my access bill is $3765, so obviously I have loads to do.

I couldn’t get out of bed this morning. – Very cold. I went to the bank and then the printers to help them out. I got back and gave Andy the 10 shirts I owed him; I then took in 10 shirts for Huw and Scott in town. They are very keen. Then to the rugby bar. He gave me $100 – owes me $50- Not happy with him at all. Then to Bad Habits who had 10 off me and then to see Buster who wasn’t there in the market. He will not take 100 off me now surprise, surprise. I had a message off Bill and Rob and I’ve got to ring them now.

¼ TO 10 Just got in the Sauna – It is hot and what I need – I have had a fairly eventful day. I have just walked to Ponsonby Road to the Harp and Crown and he has taken 1 of each to show around – I really don’t want to do that. Why should I?  I went to the Horse and Trap and have got to go again tomorrow. I was tempted to go to Kitty O’Brien’s but I knocked that back, I will go tomorrow after Auckland v Natal. I phoned up Bill and he has checked the car and expects to be here Monday now as he will pick it up Saturday and drive up Sunday. On a positive note: I have two definite outlets already with 4 boys pushing them for me. That’s better than even U2, but I have got to aim higher because it is a bigger reward i.e. Plucko


1st May

Up at midday – what a mare – but it is cold – a fairly fruitless day. I went to Parnell but the Nags head was not available. I went to the Chinese market which is a story in itself. Yesterday I left a shirt with a bloke and he had sold it within 2 hours – but today they didn’t want it. The bloke in the stall next door told me he was a “copier” so Berns shirts could be a victim of the rip off boys. Yesterday I went to see the rugby and my flag got drenched and ran everywhere. Gutted. I will be up tonight to watch Wigan / Widnes live at ¼ past 1. I may have a Sauna and go to Kitty O’Brien’s


Monday 3rd May

Up at ½ 9 – my coffee was nicked!! Bad start.  – phoned Plucky for a few minutes – not enough and drove into town – got rid of a few shirts today in the market and a few pubs. The car broke down on me. I drove home and saw Bill and Rob were in so we went back to town. We had some grub and had a real laugh going through the offices and taking notes. We went to the Nags Head, Kitty’s, and King and Crown and back to the Ivanhoe to watch the State of Origin League game. NSW beat Queensland – great game – its cold We are moving up country tomorrow.


Tuesday 4th May

On the road. We have just been to Weiwera Hot pools so I am feeling all glowy. I flogged only 6 shirts but I have got to get the money tomorrow so it’s not a great result. We got in by paying an entrance fee of one shirt. Up this morning and into town. I bought 100 cheaper shirts at $5.70 and 6 sweats and took them to the printers. Hopefully I will be able to pick them up Thursday with the new black ones. I spent about $700 again today, but that is out of my “wedge”

11pm Whangarei – we are booked into a motel for $15 each – great rooms. We will use it as our base during the Lions tour. I did a stock take. We are well short on All Black shirts so I will ring tomorrow and get all of the 100 of those shirts to be printed as All Black shirts. Tomorrow we have a job to shift 30 odd All Black shirts, once we have done that we may as well go back or see some sights or some spots – why not?


Thursday 6th May

Back in Auckland. We cleared all the All Black shirts yesterday and drove back in the evening. I phoned mum for her birthday – the twins were around so she was in good spirits. Nan O’Brien is very ill.

10pm The Whangarei trip was fairly successful – gave me a buzz to get out of Auckland. 10 shirts here and there in the pubs didn’t hurt at all.

Today I was up at ½ 8 the boys were dead to the world. I picked up the 100 All Black shirts – the quality was garbage – much stress off Bill and Rob. I’ll get better in the future i.e. tomorrow hopefully. Into Beer Essentials – they had sold out so I replaced them – I took 20 to the Tartan bar so I got some money together. – After dinner I picked up my new black shirts. Really good quality and design. The boys went to see the crying game, I had a sauna and an early night. Looking for a big day on the shirts tomorrow as North Harbour are playing N. Transvaal – hope to flog a bit of cotton and then push down South on Monday, or even better would be Sunday.


Saturday 8th May 1993

Just got in the sauna. Hung-over all day – feeling really rough. Yesterday we went to the rugby and N. Harbour stuffed the boys from South Africa – quite a good game. We ended up having a major sesh in the hostel – a few freebies thrown in – which was nice. The boys had quite a good day flogging which is good for me. I did some running around and picked up my new sweats which are real crackers. I also organized a bit of couriering which I will hopefully try out soon. We went to North Harbour today – had grub but no sale. Bad Habits phoned and took another 17. I have got to make a delivery to the Harp and crown.


Sunday 9th May Hamilton

We moved off down South – stopped at about 4 pubs but no one wanted to know. We have got a motel room – TV and all the stuff. Just had a feed and now watching Total Recall, a bit disappointed about the lack of interest today. Doing Hamilton tomorrow! Then whizzing around the North Island. Got into the motel and into the hot tub – lovely. Last night I sold a celebrity T Shirt to Bernie McCahill. I didn’t drink so a cheap night. I am all in for getting up at 7 tomorrow. The boys are talking ½ 9 ish – I can’t get the staff.


Monday 10th May  Hamilton 9am

I have been up since 7.10 pestering the boys to get up and on the streets. I have had light bulbs chucked at me, the radio is on and now we are into Hamilton. Hopefully to have a good day. The boys got rid of 28 in Whangarei and I did 20 so if the boys can do the same and I did say double ii would be happy.

On a financial report I have got $600 with $500 in the bank. I haven’t had a stock take but I have roughly got 80 black shirts, 150 All Black and 70 Lions – a good aim would be to break even before the tour starts and then make some $$ during the tour.

I have lost my little red book which was not a good move but luckily I have made a copy of most of my addresses and numbers.

We had a spa last night – really warm – took in the camcorder. We also had meeting + we have made a plan of attack over the next 7 days which will keep us busy. New Plymouth, Wellington, Napier, Rotorua + Taupo.

Turangi 9pm 

Turangi is south of Lake Taupo. We were at Hamilton all day and we have driven the wrong way. People kept telling us we were going the right way – we are now 5 hours from where we should be. – What a mare. I kept saying we were going the wrong way but the boys wouldn’t have it. We are now in a hostel having a beer. No food to be found. It is not as if Hamilton was a raging success. I had one hit of 14 shirts, and a couple of All Blacks and two places took 1 of each. The boys sold 15

Our plan of attack for the next 7 days have gone out of the window. We bought ourselves a crook lock for 60 odd dollars – unlike Bill’s radio it works.


Tuesday 11 May

After yesterdays debacle we have had a better day today. We have just arrived in Napier but are struggling to find accommodation because it is the school holidays – everywhere seems to be full. We lost our deposit in the YHA in Turangi but Bill gained a sleeping bag and the room was better aired than when we found it.

We had actually written off today and decided  to head for Napier but we popped into the local Taupo Gazette where we gave an interview. It actually cost us about 2 hours of time as we ended up going with the photographer to some rugby ground and had our photo taken with me standing on the car, Bill standing on the posts and Rob sitting on the cross bar. The boys sold 20 and I had one big hit and then we drove on to Napier and swapped a shirt for $15 of veggies. I also got a sale in the pub! Napier looks like a really good place with first impressions, but we are a day behind. I phoned up Irvie Blue and ordered 120 shirts and put $787 in the bank and phoned Chris to print them tomorrow. I have got to phone up the couriers to get them to Rotorua hopefully for Saturday. The All Blacks trials are on Sunday – hoping to clear a few then.


Thursday 13th May Nearer Hastings than Palmerston North 10.20

A late start today, but well deserved. Yesterday we had a real stormer of a day in Napier with the boys clearing 40 and me pushing out 80 to the shops. Napier is a great place! So it’s off to Palmerston North with very little gear. I did some banking yesterday and have got 300 shirts arriving in Rotorua on Friday morning. I ballsed up a bit because I could have got the 100 All Black shirts to go to Palmerston North and given us more work in the place. I am learning. Yesterday we rewarded ourselves with a $60 motel room- had a massive egg curry – some red wine which killed me. Only TV of note was the Street. I just couldn’t get to sleep. Got myself some 501’s for $130.

In discussions I will raise enough cash to get 300 shirts down to Rob in Wellington. He will fly down ahead of us and miss the North Auckland game. It’s a fairly grim day, raining: we are about an hour from Palmerston North

10.30 a disappointing day on the cotton in Palmerston – we had very little gear and no one was interested. We are now in Rotorua. Me and Rob just had a hot bath. Amazing. Tomorrow I am going to pick up the 300 odd shirts – I have got to order some more. Things a really working.


Sunday 16th May Rotorua 9am

Not confident at all for today. It has been raining really heavily all night and it is really dreadful out now. In Rotorua is the final trial for the All Blacks but there won’t be any crowd. Everything is against us. The ground is very exposed, and it’s live on Tele. Can’t be helped though.

On Friday we had a fairly good day in Rotorua. I had enough money to order another 200 All Black shirts and my wedge is $1400, but I owe $400 in printing costs. Friday night the boys went out at ½ 6 and got slaughtered. Bill trying to flog shirts to Laurie Mains and Earl Kirtain the All Black selectors. Yesterday was a wipe out – we were up late, but basically Rotorua was closed. We went to see Groundhog Day – started out crap but it was ok. I phoned Caroline. She said she had written a couple of “low” letters because C.Menton has got a job in Ireland – 2 miles from Plucky’s house. Caroline is thinking what if she got a job like that and is hoping everything works out. It won’t be for lack of trying. Sometimes phoning her really hurts because I want to be there. It’s only two months to go. I have still got a lot of work to do and can only have faith in her. I love her.

Back to the cotton front things are bleak today.

11pm  Today was a total washout – what a massive bummer. It has poured down solidly for 24 hours and we sold v. little shirts so basically a waste of time coming to Rotorua. The thing is we couldn’t have been better at planning and we couldn’t have worked harder – happens, I suppose but it is annoying.


Monday 17th May 9pm Auckland

Just came into the sauna to sweat away all my problems. They are mounting. I am at my lowest I have ever felt in NZ.  We got back to Auckland after a particularly bad days selling in Rotorua to the news off Andy that my shirts have been copied and are on the streets of Auckland now at $15 each. We are knackered. I am angry and upset and thinking for the first time about failure. I knew competition would kill me but not my own shirt with my name on it. It is not fair. This was the big one. What if I can’t get home to see Caroline? I would be defeated. I love her.


Wednesday 19th May 8.30 am

Started to calm down now. I was really stressed out yesterday. Basically we have got to get out of it. Yesterday I had loads of mail. 5 off Caroline, the little treasure she is. One off Kev, One off Paula. I picked up loads of Black tees and took them to the printers. Then into town. Bad habits = no, but Beer essentials took another 10. A quiet evening – met this bloke Mark who wants to flog shirts and saw Simpsons, Cheers, sauna then bed. I really needed an early night because I was overtired and stressed out. Today I will pick up Gwynfor at the airport and I want to get a roof rack. Pick up the black shirts later and shove off to Whangarei tomorrow.


Thursday 20th May 8.45am

Feeling rough. Had a few beers in the bar last night. Yesterday Yan took all day to fix the stereo on the car. At last we have got sounds.

I went to pick up Gwynfor but the plane was delayed so I nipped into Mangere and sold 4 shirts. I picked up Gwyn and then drove back to the hostel and then into town. No mail, into the market and then picked up 100 black shirts. Had a row with the boys about a roof rack. Yan back on the car in the dark.

I went to town about 8 and had a chat to these lads who are following the tour. I have got to make a delivery today. I then had a sesh in the evening. Gwynfor has coined a lift up to Whangarei with these 3 girls who are going north.


Friday 21st May 7.30 Whangarei

On the cotton today in Whangarei. I didn’t do so great but Bill and Rob had a stormer. After Gwynfor’s salesman of the day stunner yesterday he is wearing the dunce’s hat today. We are all fairly tired but we will hit the pubs tonight. I phoned to get more sent up but it wasn’t on. The first Lions game tomorrow. – it would be great if we stuff them, greater if I can get rid of all the shirts.

Yesterday I got two letters off Caroline. She was fairly down so I wrote a stunner last night. Up at 7 top watch the FA cup. I won $10 off Rob on Arsenal beating Sheffield Wednesday 2-1


Saturday 22nd May 8.45

Match day today – North Auckland v Lions. Weather is fine thankfully. I am praying that we don’t see any competition which would kill us. I have got a wedge of $2200 – obviously I will aim to get $3200 by the end of the day. We did end up in a bar but I came home early. Saw a few people who I had flogged t shirts to and some lads who I met who got a campervan who bought 15 so hopefully all those will do well as well

Just got back early and with cheques and money in the bank I have got about $4 and a half K. This is great news. No real sighting of the rip off boys. The Lions won 32-18


Sunday 23rd May 12.30

Am I hung over or what. Great night last night in the Grand Whangarei. Lions all were doing the karaoke. At the moment we are waiting for Bill as he is a dirty stop out. There is no room in the car at all. I have about $4 and a half k so I will throw $1000 in the bank to pay off my access which will help. On the Caroline front she has resigned – which is brilliant news. I had a chat. I also phoned dad and I an. We all still have a bit of work to do. I am hoping that Rob will get on a plane with about 300 shirts tomorrow and head down to Wellington. I want to go to sleep.


Monday 24th May

I’ve had a really busy day doing organizing. I got up at ½ 8 and drove Rob to the airport. He flew to Wellington with 230 shirts which, hopefully he will get rid of.

Then back to the hostel. Bill was still in bed. I went over to North Harbour and picked up 200 shirts, then we had a real result. We went to the pub to pick up my flag – it looks brilliant. There was a press conference on, so we just went in. All interesting stuff. Then to Novelli to pick up another 200 shirts and then to ACI to drop them off. I have lost my brown book which is really annoying.

Into town to re trace my steps – to the post office. I had two letters off Caroline. I will reply to them now in the bar, while watching the State of Origin game.


Thursday 27th May

Neglected the diary a bit because I have been busy which is not a bad thing. The Lions beat North Harbour yesterday 29-13 – really physical match. Brilliant try by Tony Underwood and a mass scrap. These t shirts still puzzle me how they are going. We seem to be doing better on the day before the match than on match day which is really strange. Yesterday the boys hired a car, but it didn’t really work out as they never sold that many. Tony has now joined us from the full trip. From Cork – He has basically dumped his American girlfriend to follow the Lions – she was not happy. I am a bit fragile as we were in Kitty O’Brien’s till midnight – a real great night again. About 6 of the Lions were up singing

10.30 pm Bulls

As expected, a very late start half 12 – I wanted to leave at 9 but we all had things to do and were in no real mood to do  it. I went into town with Bill and filled up Beer essentials with shirts. I collected a letter off Caroline – giving me stress about last year’s diary. I gave her a ring cos I loves her. – She has told me not to ring next week as she is up in York with Jo.

I picked up 100 Black haka shirts and gave in 110 Lions shirts to be couriered to Christchurch to pick up Monday. Off we went and we have left Auckland for 3 weeks now. I am looking forward to the South Island. The trip down was a bit of a drag. We stopped off in Hamilton but no real luck there. I sold 10 shirts to Kelly and Graham at the Ivanhoe and we saw them in Hamilton. We had grub in Wanganui and have now booked a motel. - $50 I have sneaked in. It’s freezing out so we have got the heater on and electric blankets. I have set the alarm for ½ 6. The boys won’t be best pleased but we need an early start as experience shows the day before the test is the best day! I am very tired.


Friday 28th May

Up at ½ 6 and drove to Wellington. Rob done really well and gave me $1300 which I put in the bank. My access bill is now $1400 – I have got a long way to go before I reach $10,000 to get me back to Plucky and obviously the above (solicitors letter) notice doesn’t help at all. I am actually trespassing if I pay to see any of the games! It’s not as funny as the boys feel. I have got so much to lose. I am fairly tired but will go out tonight.


Wednesday 2nd June

Christchurch hasn’t been too kind to us, there doesn’t seem to be any real interest in the rugby and we have sold very little cotton. The backpackers Charlie B’s is awful and I have got a rotten cold. Game today is v Canterbury. Time now is 10 so we will give it another push.

6.40 Another win for the Lions. Absolutely freezing weather – we got stuffed in the first ¼ but Guscott scored a brilliant try and we dominated in the second half – probably go to a pub called Lochabars Scottish pub in town – off to Dunedin tomorrow. I phoned home, mum talking about Caroline.


Friday 4th June 11pm

I like Dunedin. A city with real character. Also the shirts have gone down very well . I sent home $1600 this morning. Pulled that in on the drive up. I also paid $80 to pick up the 100 Haka, All Blacks and Lions shirts. I worked really hard + even went out in the night. I have got $1700 with about $600 in the bank for printing.

A really sunny day but pouring down now. The Lions have picked a really strong side for the Otago game. No news from Bill, we will hopefully see him on the terraces tomorrow if the worst come to the worst. The backpackers we are staying in is the best one yet. Very impressed. Basically a house, very comfy. I was gutted that I have lost a letter that I wrote to Plucky. I am missing her – I don’t think she would enjoy all this t shirt flogging though.


Saturday 5th June

Dunedin is still a brilliant place but the Lions got creamed 37-23. A real pasting in the second half. Cotton is flying out of the window though. Bill came back from Invercargill with $1200 for me. Me and Rob did about 2 hours solid graft after the game. All in all over the last two days I have accumulated $4,900 which is fantastic. A lot of cheques but as Rob keeps saying “Dunedin is wedge city”

Got home to a meal off Gwyn and now on the town. Bayfield is out of the tour and Carling went off – obviously a bit of a worry as it was a shadow test team. 30 Tomorrow argghhhhh.

The backpackers doesn’t cease to amaze me. The bloke in charge saw us in the pub and said there is a fridge full of beer to commiserate – we caned it.


Monday 7th June Invercargill

Tour news not great. Scott Hastings is going home – fractured cheek and we are losing Dooley as his dad died. What a nightmare – for the test we lose both our line out jumpers. NZ are becoming very hot favourites. Personally I think we are in for a real pasting on Saturday. Money situation looks ok – I am in a position to order another 350 shirts and send another $2000 home which will be a total of $4000 saved. I have always said that I am aiming for $10k to get me home. Not over impressed with Invercargill. We have booked into motel units – even with the heater on it is very cold, Today is a bit of a dead day cotton wise as it is a bank holiday. Bill and Gwyn have just gone to some pubs  - me and Rob will have a crack later. We had a meeting and Rob will fly from Christchurch to New Plymouth and from New Plymouth Rob will fly to Napier and Bill up to Auckland. I phoned home yesterday.  Cath’s engagement to Barry is off – she is very upset. I wouldn’t be over surprised if I saw her in Oz next year.

I phoned Caroline, she was in good form and sunbathing as much as she can. I am missing her dreadfully


Wednesday 9th June Queenstown

Who couldn’t be impressed with Queenstown? We got up very late and drove up. Stopped a couple of times and arrived at Queenstown at 5 – too late to go around so we will hopefully be up early tomorrow, do a couple of hours selling and then the long drive up to Christchurch for the first test.

Predictions for the team is Leonard, Moore, Popplewell, Bayfield, Cronin, Richards, Webster, Clarke, Morris, Barnes, Guscott, Carling, Evans, Rory Underwood, Hastings (capt)

Bill reckons delete Richards and in goes Winterbottom – better ball hands. Rob wants Gasgoine, Linecker Gascott and Georgie Best


Sunday 13th June Christchurch 12.30

Feeling rough. Well 1-0 to NZ. The All Blacks beat the boys by 20-18. Not a great game but really exciting at the end. Gavin Hastings kicking a massive penalty with 5 mins to go then Fox winning the game in the last minute – gutted.

I had an awful day Friday, Nothing went right. My toe was killing me. The bloke who wanted 20 Haka shirts never showed, the rugby shop only wanted 2 shirts. I ended up having an operation on an in growing toenail. To make it worse we had the car broken into and I lost my green bag with about 40 shirts and my camera. Not happy at all.

Saturday was better on match day. Sold all the Lions shirts and the atmosphere at the ground was great. After the game we went our separate ways and sold loads of All Black shirts. I have got over $5000 in the safe so I will be making a phone call tomorrow to get some more shirts and I will be sticking some money in my “Caroline” account. I phoned her yesterday for a little chat – she is worried when to apply for her visa. I wish it was for more than a year. I phoned mum and dad this morning.

Rob is flying to New Plymouth and we have the long drive to Picton. We can’t get on the ferry as it is fully booked, but hopefully we will be on tomorrow.

12pm Picton in the backpackers  - A great one compared to Charlie B’s. My name in the backpackers is Ronald Jerusalem which had us all in stitches. The trip up was uneventful – very windy and we killed a rabbit. – stopped at Kaikura for a fish supper which was georgeous. Bill sharked Gwyn lovely and Gwyn sharked Bill impressively later on – I was winning both ways.


Monday 14th June

We are now on the way to New Plymouth. Up at ¼ to 4 to get the ferry. Stopping all the way to sell cotton. Gwyn was mega out of order in Wanganui. Our meet was ½ 1 and he has us waiting till ¼ past 2 in the car. We set it up on tape and I had a real go at him so he upped and started packing to go home until we showed him the tape. Weather is really awful, I phoned through for 300 All Black shirts to pick up tomorrow in New Plymouth. Also, good news was I was able to put $2000 in my account at home which will now reach $8050. $2000 to go before I can make realistic plans about going home to pick up Caroline. When I get to the $10000 mark I will send her a shed full of flowers – the poof I am.


Wednesday 16th June

Match day again, Lions v Taranaki. We are now in New Plymouth. I had a couple of letters off Caroline and a strange one off Ian K’s mum asking me to go around the Lions asking for autographs. Nope – sorry. We haven’t really wedged it in New Plymouth but the money is dribbling in nicely. I will make another order tomorrow before we make another long drive to Auckland. Bad news is that all the tickets for the third test have been sold out. Graham and Kelly are back in the game flogging cotton like pixie’s. My toe is still killing me. Weather is freezing. We are off to the parade now at 12.

Lions stuffed Taranaki 49-23. Gibbsy had a good game. A very good morning on the cotton as Mike Burton’s boys arrived – so all the Lions shirts went – after the game – nothing. The news is I have $2000 to put in the bank – I will send it home tomorrow so that = my $10k to fly home. I will inform Caroline by a massive bunch of flowers tomorrow. Brilliant news. My aim now is to get to $15000. That will be $5000 = plenty for travelling + then I want some money for us to have a car in Australia. Everything is positive today.


Saturday 19th June

Match day again. Lion’s v Auckland.

Thursday was basically travelling all day. Highlight of the day was when some old witch demanded a hawkers license off Bill. – We made one.

Hawkers License. This license allows “Harry the Hawker” to sell cotton in New Zealand during June 1993 signed Larry the license provider    Larry

She started arguing it wasn’t from Waitamo district – we argued back that Larry was from Auckland – much bigger. In the evening we saw “Consenting adults” which I thought was ok. On Friday we had a fairly disappointing day. I went to ACI to pick up shirts and then we went into town. I went to the post office which effectively wiped out the morning for me – I had 8 letters off Caroline. God I love that girl. I also had a letter off Nolesy and a card off Caroline Ferrario.

I restocked Bad Habits’ but Beer Essentials jipped out. I went back to Bad habits later and she took $500 worth – brilliant. Graham, Gary and Kelly were out – they all done well and wanted more shirts. In the evening me Bill and Rob went out – a bit too late really as we had a fantastic roast lamb from Gwyn really georgeous. So it’s all go today. I have got $1300 and $280 in cheques. We took a visit to Eden Park. Fox was practicing his kicking and we went over and had a word. – a bit of the tour I enjoy. He reckons no pressure today at all. No test, no championship points – missing Caroline heaps.


Sunday 20th June Auckland

Yesterday was a complete write off – we probably lost money!!. The Lions lost and I stuck $10 of diesel in the car. Clouds of smoke everywhere – boys aren’t happy. It will get fixed tomorrow. Rob is now in Napier – he flew today with a major hangover. I took Rob to the airport and tried to take the car back – went to see a film – Indecent proposal. Demi Moore is georgeous, but not as nice as Caroline.


Tuesday 22nd June ’93 Napier

Match day again. Today’s game is against Hawke’s Bay – we should win, but Saturday is the important one – 2nd test. Yesterday was all car. It had to be drained and ran through – cost me $80 – bargain. We actually left about ½ 1. I bought another 100 Lions and 100 Haka’s to be delivered to Wellington.

We can see things on the shirt front are definitely slowing up.- Most of the Lions supporters have now got one . I have now stopped making All Black shirts for the Lions and I am looking for the Bledisloe Cup. I have a couple of nasty patches of psoriasis which I am concerned about . Today is obviously the game, Bill is getting the car serviced. I know we won’t “wedge” today but I am hoping for a good one in Wellington. We are virtually writing off Hamilton and Auckland. I am relaxed. I have got my $10000 so all the risks are not real risks. I have got to get $1500 soon together for my ticket. So I will be looking forward to seeing Caroline again soon. 28 days is nothing but seems like an age.


Wednesday 23rd June

What a nightmare of a match yesterday. The Lions were 19-5 up at half time and got stuffed 29-19. They were awful, weather was georgeous. I didn’t enjoy the evening. The match never helped but I felt very unsociable. I was (am) missing Plucky so much and I didn’t really want to talk to anyone else. We had our car serviced which cost us $50 each,. Today we got up late and are driving down to Wellington On the cotton front I have ordered 50 more All Black and 50 more white Hakas (Whakas).

I have about 150 Lions 200 Hakas (Black) 130 All Blacks 70 Whakas. I have about $1600 in cash and soon I have to pay for my flight ticket. I am just hoping that the flight touches down in Heathrow. My Caroline count is 27

We have an executive meeting tonight to discuss our plans for the Aussie game.


Thursday 24th June

Up at ¼ past 9 and drove the 20 mins to Petone and picked up 100 All Black and 100 Lions – typically we are out of All Blacks now. – I am pleased that I got that extra 50 to be picked up tomorrow. Bill and Rob are suffering because they have had their jabs. I went out flogging cotton and sold 15 all day. – Same result for everybody else so I got a few bob in from Bill, Rob, Gwyn Graham and Kelly. Hoping for a big wedge day tomorrow. I have about $2000 in cash so I might book my flight ticket tomorrow which is a nice thought. At 2 a reporter came around to the backpackers and we had an interview which took an hour. When I got out I couldn’t find the car – the boys had it – a bit of a worry.


Saturday 26th June Match Day LIONS V  NZ 2nd test

Today is the match of the tour. Wellington has given us glorious weather and I am convinced the Lions can win, but they will have to play brilliantly. Out last night to Midnight, got back to no bedding – Rob playing funny buggers – not happy with him at all. Gwyn is selling no cotton today as it’s his last test.


Sunday 27th Lions 20 Blacks 7

Really good fun yesterday with the boys doing the business on the park. We were miles and miles up – freezing cold. Lions faced a really strong wind and turned around at 9-7 We were then always going to win – Love it.

Cotton flew out of the window from all directions and I have wedged $6k over the last week. After the game me and Bill went flogging and ended up drinking with these Kiwi’s from Hawke’s Bay. I had a big steak in the bar and we went out about ½ 10 to really celebrate. Great night. I phoned Caroline – I am still madly in love and looking forward seeing her. Count is now 23. I also phoned home and Kev asked me to be an usher so I have to wear a monkey.


Monday 28th June – Bulls

We drove a couple of hours from Wellington yesterday. Stopped to play golf at Levin. I started off brilliantly – my putting superb but I went rapidly downhill and became the worst golfer in the world. Got to Bulls and bad news is there is snow. In the mountains and the Desert road is closed, so I can’t see us stopping for cotton selling as we will have to make loads of detours.

8pm  A mixed sort of a day. I am really annoyed with myself because I have lost $400. We drove up from Levin. I had $6000 on me. I sent home $3000 so at home my total is $13000. I have also got my flight booked + I have paid $1000 out of the $1500 – I will pay the remaining $500 in Dunedin. I also paid $1500 towards 100 Lions and Aussie shirts.


NZ 508            DUNEDIN                 7.50                  - CHRISTCHURCH 8.35AM

SQ 288            CHRISTCHURCH    10.55AM         – SINGAPORE 8.30PM

SQ 322            SINGAPORE             11.15PM         - LONDON 05.55AM


So I will be in Caroline’s arms defo in 22 days time.

The drive up was driving rain but it could have been worse as the desert road was closed – also there is icy conditions in the South Island


Tuesday 29th June ’93 Hamilton

The Lions took a massive pasting 38-10 – they were absolutely crap which was a real bummer.  I picked up 100 shirts this morning and they are virtually all gone now + I am sitting on a wedge of $1,800 – I will buy another 100 (Lions) tomorrow.  I have tried to get in touch with a mate of Peter’s brother. I will have to do it tomorrow. After the test I went to the box office and bought some tickets for the final test $13 each, which is pleasing.

So 21 days and falling now, I got hammered on the phone $110 for 3 calls yesterday. Tonight’s agenda is curry and beers.

*Peter Wright at prop has completed a tour where he has impersonated a tea pot. Immobile with arms on his waist, for many games* Sums up Peter Wright’s tour, so frustrating to see someone playing for the Lions and walking around.


Thursday 1st July Auckland

Back in Auckland. Didn’t sell any cotton yesterday but I had a great result in that I found the missing $400 notes – yippee. To celebrate we had a game of golf which was a laugh. A quiet evening and a wonderful sauna. Read 5 letters from my darling, - Had a wedding invitation from Kevin. First time I have had a card to Bernard and Caroline!! Also had a letter off mum and one off Caroline Ferrario. Georgeous day but ice on the window screen this morning.


Sunday 4th July

All Black !!

We got stuffed 30-13 after being 10-0 up so disappointing. All gloom last night – after following the tour it is all over.

We went into town in the morning and shifted quite a bit of gear. Obviously now we are not getting any more.

So it’s all over – for us it’s been very successful – I will be sending home $2000 tomorrow so that will get me up to $15000 – That is all I will send home. I am basically now saving for a car for me and Caroline What a dream, this all seems to be working. So if I do get any money I will buy Aussie travellers cheques. My aim is to get about $5000. At the moment I have about 70 Blackas, 140 Whakas and 100 new Aussie shirts, I have left 30 Lions and 20 All Black shirts. Tomorrow I will buy another 100 Blackas and send them down to Wellington.

I phoned Caroline – really lovely to hear her voice – I spent $40 on the call – don’t begrudge her a penny. She is keen to go to Thailand now as well. Good. She had some bad news, but when she told me I laughed. – She really is funny – worrying about little things. I really do love her and can’t wait to get home to see her. Only 15 days before I am in her arms. Getting deep here but I remember flying into Heathrow at the end of my last trip and I felt really defeated. It was all over, but now it is the opposite. I have achieved what I wanted and it feels like the big beginning of my life with her. I can only give it my best.

I phoned home and dad wanted to know exactly when I will be back for my fitting.


Monday 5th July

What a waste of a day. My intention was to do some running around till ½ 10 and then shove off. In fact I got up at 1 and we didn’t get off till 7. The car wouldn’t start – live wire not connected. I couldn’t believe it.

The reason for the late start was last night. Saturday was heavy but last night was very heavy. 4 of us went into the sauna and had a water fight. One of the girls Kylie got drenched and became mega stroppy. Later we went to the bar to watch France / South Africa and Kylie was watching the film. – I wasn’t happy at all with a 16 year old kid stamping her feet. Film finished at ¼ to 11 so we wanted the Aussie Tonga game on. Kylie wanted to watch another film. I said we wanted to see the manager and we got our way. The rugby finished ¼ past 12 but Robbie was in charge of the bar. I was showing him sweats while Bill was filling up the glasses and at one stage Robbie went to the shops to get Mars bars and left us in charge of the bar. Bad move Robbie.

This morning I went to the post office – nothing, - chased up Mike Burton – not happy with him at all. I got money off Bad Habits then up to ACI –picked up 10 shirts and gave in 300 for Wellington. Bill and Rob are now in Blenheim for the game v W.Samoa and we will do the Samoa v NZ Uni’s game at Wellington on Saturday. We are now in Thames and will be travelling south tomorrow – ending up in Rotorua probably. Now travelling with Dave and Mark.


Tuesday 6th July  Te Puke

Up at 7 – fitness, my god. I did 50 sit ups. No reason why I can’t do sit ups every day I did some banking and we worked in Thames, then drove down the coast stopping in different places. I ordered 100 more Blacka shirts and will pick up 100 in Rotorua today. We are now in Te Puke in a motel. We had a brilliant spa then a cracking meal. Saw the Simpsons and Cheers, them went to a club to watch rugby on Sky. Natal v Transvaal. Tomorrow we will hit Te Puke and then travel via Rotorua. We may do the luge and then the big trip as far south as possible to get to Wellington on Thursday. My count is now on 14. I sent my Welsh flag and other bits and pieces to Plucky’s brother Mark.


Wednesday 7th July Wellington

Back in the Downtown Backpackers, but obviously not the same atmosphere as the last two times I was here. A waste of a day really but we made up for it by making the long drive to Wellington. We stopped off in Rotorua and basically wasted our selling time by going on the luge. – absolutely brilliant. – Huge queues but exhilarating must be the word. I came off three times in two goes and thankfully the third time I got down OK. Mark cut his knee open and ripped his jeans and sweat. O even though I came last I did survive. Fairly long drive – arrived about 9. I am hoping that Bill and Rob are on the late ferry and will join us about 11. If not we will hopefully see them tomorrow. We will all work Wellington Thursday and Friday then we have some options. Either stay in Wellington for the NZ Uni’s v Samoa game on Sunday or push down south Asap to wedge out in prep for the test on Saturday. I am pushing for the latter I suppose.


Saturday 10th July Christchurch

Wellington was useless. Bill and Rob came from Blenheim – useless, so we have driven down to Christchurch. Dave and Mark were on the bus with Mickey B – stop press – they have just arrived – they got their car. We have knocked the Samoan game on the head. We have been caning boxes of red wine every night which has crucified me twice.

I phoned Caroline last night. Good move as she was in fine form. I am so, so looking forward to seeing her again. My count is now on 10.

I also phoned mum and dad for a chat. Our car is so packed, I hope I haven’t overstretched myself! Ever confident though. We will have a short drive tomorrow.


Sunday 11th July Tamuka

Small place – 20k north of Timaru. We had a late night last night and did the 2 hour drive south. We wanted to play golf but couldn’t get a course that rented clubs. Gorgeous day – freezing night. We have got ourselves a motel room which is nice and warm. On the way we got stopped by the police – they were checking everyone. Billy C had his license handy. It could easily have been at the bottom of the car. Grub was beef stroganoff.

Tomorrow I aim to sell a wedge full of cotton – start at 9 and do some work in Timaru – then work down slowly southwards stopping in every pub/place on the way down. 9 days before I meet Caroline – something to look forward to.


Monday 12th July   Omaru

Up at 9 and did a bit of work in Timaru – hardly flying out of the window but they are shifting slowly. We have got as far as Omaru which is 130km north of Dunedin. Roughly I have got 150 Blackas and 150 Whakas and I am thinking of getting 100 more. I have got $2900 – out of that $500 is taken by my air fare. I have got $365 in the bank so that is $2750. I need to put away $2000 to make my aim of  $1500 for travelling so I suppose I can put another $750 into shirts. Virtually all the gear has no dates – so I can send them to Aussie (hopefully)

A fairly wet day – we stopped a number of times but most of the pubs we had already been to. We have got a motel room which is really lovely.

I posted a letter to Caroline this morning. No point in sending her any more really although I am tempted. I want to give her a ring on Thursday morning too see how she got on in her driving test. – It would be brilliant news if she passed. This time next week I will be on my way to Singapore so my count is on 8.


Thursday 15th July Dunedin

Caroline failed her test – I got the blame for not phoning to wish her best of luck – women!!

On a positive not I will be back o wish her best of luck in person. I phoned her tonight and she said she is starting to tell people in school. Paul Muncer didn’t believe her – Jealous probably! She can tell everyone as far as I am concerned.

Me Bill and Rob had an awful day on the cotton – because we hit the red wine last night. 3 boxes between 5 of us. I reckon I will clear all the T Shirts – I have just over $3000 in cash so tomorrow I will go to the bank and change them into travelers cheques. – Aussie dollars – that will be for a car. The rest of the money I will change into sterling traveler cheques for pocket money when I get home. My count is on 5


Friday 16th July Dunedin

A day of banking – didn’t sell that much cotton on the eve of the game really, but the money trickled in.

I went to the bank and changed $3200 to $2700 Aus traveler cheques. I like putting money into compartments and that is my money for “our” car when we get to Australia – hopefully we will both be able to drive it. We spent a few hours in the quadrant and in the evening had a less than successful sneak around the pubs so I have got $1700 in cash. Fairly cold day tomorrow in the Bledisloe Cup. I am sitting on loads of shirts but with the 6 of us I really believe we can do well.

So – Basically it’s one working day left! I am setting the alarm tomorrow to get the troops out at 9. I will do all the driving around  - calm down Bern!!  + get them flogging. Plan of attack is to get rid of all the white shirts first and then unload on the blacks. If I get stuck with any I would prefer them to be Blackas. I have every confidence the Whakabies will go.


Sunday 18th July 1993 Dunedin Midday

Well it’s all over – good.

On the rugby front the All Blacks beat the Wallabies 25-10. Enjoyable game – packed solid – tries by Bruce after Inga stormed through and a try by Fitzy. Foxy made a break!! Horan snatched a try for the Wallabies – brilliant player

The day started early – freezing cold and foggy. I dropped Mickey B, Dave and Mark in town and then went back for Bill and Rob. To say the morning was quiet was an understatement. We all went to the village and cleared a few and then it picked up fairly well, We did get rid of all the Whakas and I am stuck with about 40 Blackas and 30-40 Whakabies which I will post to oz – so the right result – I am pleased as sin. Final total was $4200 last night added to the $3200 for the car and $15000 I have sent home = $22,400 or £7000 odd pounds – a result for 2 months work. Looking back I can always say I made $20k but it was really really hard work and there were loads of worries. I have got quite a few people to thank but I can give myself a big pat on the back as well. I am pleased that I achieved what I aimed for and it means lie with Caroline will be easier next year with a car. Home to her tomorrow.

The evening was brilliant. The 6 of us went to the Little India curry house. I shouted Bill and Rob as a thank you and got in 3 bottles of Champagne the 1st one went everywhere – the grub was fantastic – we all had the banquet and two boxes of red went down well. – Really good company – we wee celebrating as well. I phoned Caroline and was over the moon that she was taking Tuesday morning off (for jabs!!) – such good news – we have so much to talk about. She was moaning that in school everybody knows about us. She can hardly blame me for that one. I phoned home as well + I have got to be back a week Monday for the fitting. I will go to Kevin’s wedding – Cardiff on Monday + Tuesday. I have got to pack today. Up at 5 tomorrow.


Monday 19th July Christchurch NZ

Up at 5 this morning. A bugger of a job to wake Billy C as we all went out last night for a meal and beers at Rosie O’Nasties. Bill and Mickey went on till about 3. Flew to Christchurch and now the for the big flight


To come in Book 9

Getting back to Caroline in London

Kevin’s wedding to Sharon

Dublin to meet Caroline’s folks

Asia   - Delhi, Taj, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Yogya, Bromo, Komodo, Bali – Sydney 14th December    Diary slows down and finishes 1st August 1994

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